Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Shattered Opus Concept Art

Art for the Shattered Opus project at the Next Gen Atelier


Mical said...

Your work is entirely amazing! I'm blown away!
Your neighbor, Mical

jubjubjedi said...

Awesome stuff!! Is Massive Black going to actually publish this game you guys are working on, or is it strictly portfolio work?

jseverin said...

Thanks. It's a faux game for portfolio development, working with teams, art direction feedback, all that fun stuff. No actual game though.

Moai said...

I just commented in your sketchbook, but I'll comment here too. Awesome, awesome progress, man. You're really accomplishing a lot at the atelier.

I have an atelier-related question. I've thought quite a bit about applying there when I feel that I'm ready, but I'm not sure at all about the cost of living in San Francisco. So my question is, how difficult is it to be able to afford to live there while you're doing all this ateliering?